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Dallasite, inside and out

Here’s what Dallasite, our lovely British Columbian jasper of green, white and black, looks like rough on the outside and then cut up to reveal the inside. That’s all for today. These pictures and rock are thanks to Tommy Lay, who was generous enough to slab and cab some Dallasite for me.

Dallasite and Flowerstone cabochons and slabs

I received an early Christmas present from Tommy Lay, this fantastic lapidarist I connected with on a rock tumbling website. He was ridiculously generous. I opened the box with my mom and grandma and we were all oohing over every piece. I had inquired about getting some of my Dallasite and Flowerstone cabbed and slabbed…

Late summer beach hounding

Between sending some rocks away and tumbling, I’ve actually managed to reduce my stockpile a little bit, unfortunately forcing me to rockhound more. I went to a local Vancouver Island beach for Dallasite and Flowerstone again, though I found much of the former and little of the latter.