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Getting the tumblers going again

I took a break tumbling as I figured out how I wanted to proceed. I spent a long time going through my tumbles of various stages, assessing and sorting them. I’ve refreshed my approach and got my big 12 pound Lortone Rotary Tumbler going this week.

Here’s the rough I stuck in my 12 pound tumbler. It’s all Dallasite, other beach stones and river stones/quartz. Many are rocks that have already been through a session or two of rough grit and still need more time.

Just a piece I like, typical look.

I’m attracted to the green rocks on our BC beaches. This is a nice one.

And here are some tumbles I have ready for round 2. Dallasite, beach stones and river rocks again.

More pictures than words. See you out there night hounding. Take care!

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