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Tumbling away, Dallasite out of the rotaries and into the vibe

I’ve just been tumbling away over here. I took my 24 lbs of Dallasite out of my rotary tumblers after about 10 days in coarse grind and put a different batch of Dallasite in my vibratory tumbler on final polish.

There’s my vibe polishing a bunch of Dallasite. I filled the tumbler quite high as I didn’t have any media to cushion the rocks. It took me some time to get enough Dallasite to put in a 10 lbs load (the Thumler UV10 holds about 10 lbs of rock) because I lost rocks at every stage of the process from undercutting, chipping or pitting.

My vibratory tumbler polishing rocks.

Below I’m posting a couple pics of the rough Dallasite I put into my tumblers 10 or so days ago so you can see a bit how the pieces change.

Rough Dallasite, Flowerstone porphyry and other beach rocks.


And here’s how they came out:

Dallasite after 10 days in coarse grind.

Couple pieces of Flowerstone in there.

There you go. I should have some polished Dallasite to show this week. Hooray. Thanks for looking.

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