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Blown away by Dallasite

I took my 24 pounds of Dallasite out of coarse grind in the tumblers today. No matter how many times I tumble this jasper, I am always blown away by some of the pieces that come out.

The whole batch of Dallasite stones, all 24 pounds or so. In my beautiful gold pan. There are some non-Dallasite pieces in there.

This batch had some of my favourite pieces of Dallasite so far. The colours ranged the entire spectrum. I found a lot of pieces heavy on shades of red, which isn’t usually so common in Dallasite. The iron staining doesn’t look so hot, but the chunks of red material in the jasper breccia are beautiful, I think!

Dallasite. Flowerstone on the right there.

I did a pretty good job on the mixture of rock sizes in this batch. Very few of these stones have undercutting issues.

Incoming pictures. Check out all the colours! One of the rocks, on the left in the first pic below, has white spots that almost glow.


And here’s what I refilled the tumblers with:

Rough Dallasite, Flowerstone porphyry and other beach rocks.

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