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North Island Flowerstone hunting

I work at an auto shop part time. My favourite part of the job is delivering cars and auto parts to far-away locations. This time I got to deliver an auto part to north Vancouver Island, past Comox, which was a great excuse to rockhound in a new spot.

North Vancouver Island.

Very rough day on the Georgia Strait. The wind almost knocked me over.

There was lots of amygdaloidal basalt in this location. Good Dallasite was rare and I picked up only a few pieces. The beach was mostly porphyry rocks of some sort. I found some big boulders of Flowerstone toward the end and actually had to leave a few behind!

Pretty low quality Flowerstone but all right.

My best piece of Dallasite today, a smaller guy but looks good.

Lots of jellyfish were dying today from the rough seas. They got bashed up on the rocks. Tough life as a jellyfish.

One of the many porphyry rocks.

Great Flowerstone piece, my best small one.

Big hermit crab shell or whatever inhabits those things.

Rainbow through the rain.

It was a rainy, stormy day on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I love this kind of weather. More rain, the better. I’ve never been too big on rainbows because it means the rain is over.

Nice seagull. They love the storms.

Two big Flowerstone guys. I ended up leaving the left piece behind, couldn’t carry it in one trip.

Closeup of the Flowerstone.

This was a pleasant surprise, nice Chinese Writing Rock.

Another big Flowerstone boulder. This one was pretty nice.

Flowerstone closeup.

Classic bucket shot to finish it off. Kirkland Laundry Detergent!

Thanks for looking. Stay warm and dry!

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