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Flowerstone haul, reason to go back

Just a few pictures today of the Flowerstone I found while hounding this week inland on Vancouver Island. 

A large amount of Chrysanthemum Stone or Flowerstone from Vancouver Island. This is a rough shot of boulder-sized pieces. Lots of potential with these rocks, even just for landscaping.

Flowerstone is known in Texada Island and sparsely on Vancouver Island beaches, but I found a decent amount of it all in one spot.

Close shot of the Chrysanthemum and Flower Stone.


This Flowerstone has dimmer flowers than the beach ones I usually find, and it could perhaps be better called Chrysanthemum Stone. Some pieces have just a few big flowers while others are busier.

Here’s a big, well-formed example. Not the greatest picture though.

My buckets were too full so here’s where I hid a big Flowerstone I’ll have to get next time!

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