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Beach rockhound with a deer

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I went on a quick trip to my favourite Vancouver Island beach as the sun came up one recent morning.

This is the beach I found my first piece of Dallasite on. It still yields more than enough beautiful rocks for me and anyone else who would be interested. 

I love it when the tide goes out on Vancouver Island.

My focus this time was more on colourful rocks for the tumbler than Dallasite specifically. My self-education in rock tumbling is paying off, as I am getting a better eye for what rough rocks will look like polished. Next I need to start cutting them open, because I’ll never find out about big rocks this way!

A nice young deer. He has some samphire in his mouth and very dirty back legs.

I met a young buck at the beach. He was banging around in the bushes and scared me at first, but then seemed friendly. He was eating samphire, or sea aparagus.

A nice Flowerstone specimen with a thick band down the middle.

The tide was low and I shifted operations to an adjacent beach and all the gooey duck hunters were out.

Banded green rock, good one for the tumbler. I like these rocks but some feel too soft for the tumbler.

I’ve been inspired to do some landscaping recently and grabbed a few shovel fulls of pebbles for my girlfriend’s garden. Not sure if that was legal.

A great palm-sized piece of Dallasite.

Back to the tumblers for me. We’re going gold panning soon and plan to make a living picking things up off the ground.

The beach rock haul. Lots of variety in here, lots to throw in the rock tumblers.

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