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Beach rockhounding on Vancouver Island

Today I rock hounded at a stretch of beach just off the highway between Nanaimo and Parksville on Vancouver Island.

The tide was low and sun was hot rockhounding on Vancouver Island. That’s sea asparagus or samphire to the left.

I was out looking for Dallasite and Flowerstone, as usual. This beach is across the bay from my favourite beach, but it’s not quite as stocked with nice rocks. I didn’t find much Flowerstone, got a few pieces of Dallasite and then a bunch of bits for the tumblers.

Pretty banded green rock in the water.

There’s what I’m after: Dallasite! It’s a jasper breccia local to Vancouver Island.

Another nice piece of Dallasite. I like the ones with a lot of white. This piece was about fist sized.

This little hermit crab claimed this Dallasite before me.

Artsy shot for the fun of it. Even if you don’t find anything, Vancouver Island is a great place to be.

Big chunk of Dallasite! That’s what I’m after.

The tide was coming in so I picked up and left without my bucket being too full this time. It was getting a bit too hot on my body.

I can’t wait to fill my tumblers up with more Dallasite. I love that we have a local jasper!

Everyone in Vancouver Island should get down to the beach this summer and grab a piece. They can look beautiful just ocean-tumbled.

Until next time.

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