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Dallasite groove-wrapped cabochons for Christmas

Wanting all the worked Dallasite I can get, I commissioned Kidd Rocks Lapidary in Michigan to make me some of their fantastic silver groove-wrapped cabochons out of material I collected.

I highly recommend working with Kidd Rocks Lapidary. The owner, Chuck, is a fantastic tumbler and makes a wide variety of elegant wrapped cabs. I sent some high-grade Dallasite his way and here’s what he came up with. Enjoy the show.

The whole set of Dallasite groove-wrapped cabochons. These are pictures Kidd Rocks Lapidary took.

And here’s a far worse picture, complete with my dirty hand, but one I took right out of the box when they arrived:

Nicely packaged and I like them even more in person than in the pictures. I was never huge on circular cabochons before but now I love them. My favourite is the white one, I wasn’t sure Dallasite with that coloration could be cabbed well, as it seemed like softer material.

I highly recommend Chuck and Kidd Rocks. They turned these cabs around within a week and did a very nice job. Check them out on Facebook and Etsy.



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