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Dallasite and Flowerstone cabochons and slabs

I received an early Christmas present from Tommy Lay, this fantastic lapidarist I connected with on a rock tumbling website.

He was ridiculously generous. I opened the box with my mom and grandma and we were all oohing over every piece.

Flowerstone and Dallasite cabochons and slabs from Vancouver Island, by Tommy Lay. The wire wrapped Dallasite cabochon is sterling silver.

I had inquired about getting some of my Dallasite and Flowerstone cabbed and slabbed (as they say – made into cabochons and cut into slabs), but my two precious rocks here aren’t well known so we wanted to see if they could be worked well first. Turns out, they sure can.

Wire wrapped Dallasite cabochon, a Vancouver Island jasper, sitting on a slab of Dallasite.

This isn’t even half of what I got from Tommy, but these are the pieces for my lovely girlfriend. Tommy was kind enough to do a sterling silver wire wrap of a Dallasite cabochon, which I had never even asked for, to give to my girlfriend. I will post the other slabs and cabs soon.

A cabochon and slab of Flowerstone from Vancouver Island.

I am basking in the glory of having rocks I picked up turned into this sort of beautiful jewellery. I know one thing now: I want a lot more!

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