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Went to a river, found Dallasite

Dallasite is everywhere on Vancouver Island. It’s on the beaches, at the lakes and in the rivers. I  had to bus from Nanaimo to Port McNeil and drive a car back for work recently and I stopped by a river near Woss.

My location, some river by the town of Woss on Vancouver Island.

I hoped to find some rare northern agates or Flowerstone. But nope. The first thing I saw was Dalllasite, and it was everywhere.

River Dallasite doesn’t look as nice as ocean Dallasite, but that’s because ocean Dallasite gets a real constant tumble on the beaches that makes it shine a bit already.

I find it interesting how Dallasite pieces in different places seem to have different themes. At this river, there was a lot of Dallasite that was mostly green and white, missing the black and zig-zagging breccia patterns.

I was out here alone, and that means I was very scared of bears and elk, haha.

With no bucket on hand, I settled on a few favourite pieces to carry home in my camera bag.

Pic through the water. Nice chunk of Dallasite. Lots of fist-sized pieces here.

So far, I’ve found Dallasite literally everywhere with water I’ve looked on Vancouver Island. I’ve found Flowerstone sparsely on most rivers but did find one large deposit of it.

I’ve had a gold pan in my truck for about four months and it’s dang time I started using it!

To the next river I go. My girlfriend and I visited a gold panning display at a fair today and are antsy to put our pans to action.

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