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Dallasite rockhounding video

I stuck a GoPro on my head on a recent kayak trip to a local Vancouver Island beach.

My girlfriend and I hunted for Dallasite while the dogs swam, puked and played on the beach. There’s a giant Flowerstone we found on the beach near here that we will come back to later to haul home and put in her garden. We’ll have to put it in the kayak and transport it to a beach with easier access. It’s probably over 80 lbs. 

I like to make videos in a lazy way, just putting music to a bunch of clips. In this case it’s my friend’s music. You can find him at

Next time, I need to tilt the camera down, as this video missed the real first-person perspective I sought. Future rockhounding videos will be better.

That night we had a Supermoon on our way home. Don’t know what that means but it was big and nice.

I don’t know how the manual setting on my camera works but I know it’s the only way I can get a clear picture of the moon.

I added 10 lbs tumbling boxes of Dallasite pieces in my For Sale page – check it out!

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