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Stumbling on Dallasite

On a whim I decided to check out a local lake today, a secluded one I would hang out at before I got into rockhounding. I didn’t expect to find any good rocks, but I wanted to expand my geological knowledge of the area. It wasn’t long after my girlfriend and I arrived that I picked up a rock and said, “Hey, is this Dallasite?”

One of the first pieces of Dallasite I saw at the lake. I find the patterns so attractive.

It was everywhere. This was the first time we’ve found Dallasite away from the ocean, and these rocks weren’t worn by waves. It was interesting to see dry Dallasite, and the small strip of beach we went to on the lake was covered in it.

A big Dallasite boulder my girlfriend found, with a great, full face of that zig-zagging pattern.

Dallasite is all over Vancouver Island, and it was great to find a deposit of it in a different environment. We have many big rocks that need breaking to get all the Dallasite out.

Lake hounding for Dallasite as the sun goes down on Vancouver Island.

This is just the start of our lake hounding. We’re going to hit every lake on this island and every lake in British Columbia. We’ll let you know how it goes, too!

Classic bucket shot of our lakeside Dallasite haul.

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