Setting the tumblers, need more!

I’m badly in need of more rock tumblers. I set both of my rotary tumblers last night and had my vibe going the whole weekend.

But it’s not enough. My rockhounding hobby is dwarfing my production capacity. I am looking for a warehouse of some sort and operations headquarters.

Sorting the rocks that are ready for round 2

Here’s a collection of all the rocks that have survived coarse grit in my rotary rock tumblers and are now ready to go in the vibe.

They’re split up into groups of Dallasite, quartz, speckled opal, greenstone (some of it jasper), a few porphyries and Flowerstone, and a pile of river rock/gneiss/quartz/petrified wood.

Stumbling on Dallasite

On a whim I decided to check out a local lake today, a secluded one I would hang out at before I got into rockhounding. I didn’t expect to find any good rocks, but I wanted to expand my geological knowledge of the area. It wasn’t long after my girlfriend and I arrived that I picked up a rock and said, “Hey, is this Dallasite?”