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Beautiful Flowerstone cabochon from Tommy Lay, the first piece I self-collected and got worked by a professional.

Flowerstone cabochon by Tommy Lay.

Flowerstone  (also known as Chrysanthemum Stone, Snowflake Stone and is similar to Chinese Writing Rock and Rice Rock) is a gabbro porphyry of feldspar crystals usually in basalt that shows a distinct flower pattern.

When the feldspar crystals are well-developed, Flowerstone is a rock unlike any other. Its crystal petals bloom and reflect the beauty of British Columbian nature. They are thought to have blossomed in an explosion, creating the flower shape of the crystals bursting in all directions.

Flowerstone is found only in some places on Vancouver Island and in Japan. Texada Island was known for its supply but has since put a moratorium on mining it. It is still permitted for rockhounders to remove Flowerstone by hand but is found very rarely.

Flowerstone ranges in crystal development. Classic pieces are flurries of white flowers on a black background, but some have just a few flowers on a gray background, some have flowers in different colours and some resemble pieces of rice, snowflakes or lettering.

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