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The first piece of Dallasite I've had cabbed. A stunning shield design by Tommy Lay. Boom.

A Dallasite jasper shield cabochon by Tommy Lay.

Dallasite, the Pacific Northwest Jasper

Unique to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, is the jasper form known as Dallasite, named after the road it was discovered on in the south end of Vancouver Island. It is officially recognized as the third most important gemstone in British Columbia.

Dallasite is a fantastic and jaw-dropping artistic display of  green, black and white colours, but it often includes blue, yellow, red and all the colours on the spectrum. Dallasite is a jasper breccia made up of quartz, altered basalt, epidote and pumpelleyite. It is thought to have been formed as pillow lava underwater.

Each piece paints a picture in beautiful blocky artwork. No two stones are alike. Many even come with mossy black agate spots in the creamy seams. Some have blue tinges in the quartz and others tinge yellow.

As a breccia, Dallasite comes in many forms but all share a distinct look. It often has green zig-zags in lightning streaks or displays black dots lining a white background. Dallasite truly reflects the colours of the Pacific Northwest.

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