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We’re just normal people who love rockhounding in British Columbia, Canada.

We got into the hobby by finding Dallasite, a colourful jasper breccia local to Vancouver Island.

Once I sat down that night and looked at one of my pieces of Dallasite, I knew I was hooked. I fell in love with the creative patterns and epic scenes I saw in each chunk. The blues, greens and black on milky white backgrounds transfixed me.

Multiple tumblers later, I’m a full-blown rockhound.

We have taken to the natural landscapes of this province with a whole new eye: looking for rocks. We’re lucky to be host to a bounty of natural gemstones and semi-precious stones, including nephrite jade, opal, Flowerstone, petrified wood, rhodonite and a variety of jaspers and agates.

Dallasite and Flowerstone, a porphyry that resembles its name, are found only on Vancouver Island and the province of British Columbia. To me, that’s a very special thing and we should treasure our natural resources, gems and minerals.

On this website we’ll give you a look at what we’re doing and explore the rocks of British Columbia together.

Thanks for looking!

There’s me rockhounding.

Stewart Burnett
BC Rockhound
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