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A visit to Dallas Road, the birthplace of Dallasite

Well, not the birthplace, but the place it was first discovered and after which it was named. Dallas Road is in Victoria on the south end of Vancouver Island. My girlfriend and I had a kitten-delivery trip to Victoria this weekend and made sure we stopped for a quick rockhound before the 5pm darkness.

The view from Dallas Road in Victoria, looking at what I believe is America, or south of Vancouver in Canada.

I didn’t find one piece of Dallasite. There were porphyry rocks and quartzy ones, but no nice Dallasite. It was almost high tide but I could tell the beach we stopped at didn’t offer much. Too industrial now, too busy. I like private beaches.

It’s a nice looking beach, but there were lots of people here.

We didn’t spend long hounding, but long enough not to come back again. I’m sure there are good Dallasite spots around Victoria, but I’d like to try one of the less-populated areas next.

To make this post more interesting, below are some fancy pieces of Dallasite I’ve found over time. I am eternally attracted to any rocks that show blue.

This might be my favourite piece I’ve ever found. The blue does it for me.

Tumble-sized guy. Standard, good piece of Dallasite.

This would be a good tumble piece if not for the big pit in the middle.

Picture doesn’t capture this guy well but it has a pretty vivid design.

There you go. Don’t go to Dallas Road for Dallasite, ha. I think the material is still relatively unknown enough that I could rename it. Prehistoric Jasper would be my choice, maybe. The designs look tribal or prehistoric or dinosaur-ish to me.

Take care, stay warm.

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