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Rainy day hounding on Vancouver Island

It’s officially wet season on Vancouver Island and I managed to get a couple good trips in to my favourite rockhounding locations.

Low tide on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

I wasted a bit of time exploring for new places that didn’t pan out. But at least I know that now. I hit an old haunt and walked off in the opposite direction I usually go. I was in search of Dallasite, our local jasper, and hoped the recent stormy weather pushed some new ones up.

Cool rocks here.

This piece of Dallasite has a couple of great sections and then a big glob of quartz in the middle.

Amygdaloidal basalt. The camera doesn’t pick up the blue tinge well, but the ones with blue/purple always attract me.

One of my favourite ‘looks’ for Dallasite, like some alien webbing on the rock.

Love seeing a great piece of Dallasite hiding under the gravel.

This is a nice piece and shows another common ‘look’ to Dallasite, that of the colourful Dallasite flowing through a basalt corridor.

I’m more pictures than words today. It was a nice trip and I need to get out more. High-quality Dallasite is not very common, though the junkier stuff is. I already can’t wait until snorkel hounding next summer! No one’s picked up those rocks yet.

Take care.

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