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Big Flowerstone and Dallasite!

Here are a couple big finds of Flowerstone and Dallasite.

I found these while kayaking off a beach in Vancouver Island. They excited me so much I had to risk flipping the kayak to haul them in.

The first is a big, smooth, well-formed piece of Flowerstone. It is super heavy! I need to weigh it.

Big chunk of Flowerstone. It is a similar rock to Chinese Writing Rock, both found on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Large piece of Flowerstone. This one is relatively free of fractures and very well-defined.

Closeup of the Flowerstone piece. The feldspar crystal flowers look great. I love the ones with a dark background.

Flowerstone standing up. Hope you don’t mind the barnacles.

Next is a whopper piece of Dallasite jasper that I could not resist.

Big Dallasite rock from Vancouver Island. It looks like a dinosaur egg!

Love the big guys. British Columbia rocks for rocks. One of these days I’m going to go snorkelling and find the biggest Flowerstone boulder I can, haha. Thanks for looking.


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