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Dallasite: An eye-opening jasper

Beautiful lightly tumbled Dallasite.

I didn’t much believe the whole crystal and gems and minerals having magical effects thing. I just thought minerals looked cool. But Dallasite changed me.

After my first find of Dallasite, I remember taking out my best piece that night and wetting it to reveal its colours.

A beach-tumbled piece of dallasite jasper from Vancouver Island.

I stared at that rock for a good half an hour, at least. It had the most beautiful triangle shape with a picture of almost some sort of Jenga game, with blocks falling all over and piling up on the bottom, breaking into shards here and there.

That Dallasite touched me spiritually. I had an overwhelming sense that everything was going to be okay. Every piece of dallasite speaks to me now, and I feel a special fondness with the rock. It is so artistic and so beautiful.

Another rough piece, this one had been through the coarse grind tumbler for a week.


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